Product and delivery information

NORFJORD TRADING is proud to be able to deliver alive products directly to our customers with a special taste for the freshest of the fresh. The products will right after capture and analyze, be stored in special tanks which is highly regulated by both air and sea departments.

Our products can be delivered after the seasons fishing regulations, but we are able to deliver almost every product the customer wants on demand. The variety of the seafood which is consumed world wide, is just as different as the people who consume it.

All of our products are handled within the Norwegian shipping regulations, and will be vakuum packed, on ice or shipped as alive products. We deliver all of the trimmings regarding the salmon, after the customers need. Different cuttings and sizes of the filets on the other products will be handled the best possible way for transport.

The more exotic product line, such as Urchin can be delivered as whole and alive. Washed and salted fresh or frozen, and we can deliver only the roe. Can be delivered in the winter season.

Besides the seafood, we have a wide variety of other quality products. Our products are hand picked after face2face meetings with local companies. We can deliver fruits, chocolate, coffee, coffee beans among other products. Every product line we have in stock, is international known for its supreme quality.

Product information, prices and presentations will be delivered on demand.