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Norfjord Trading

“Investment in knowledge gives the best interest “


What we do


Through our substantial operational expertise, wide network of relationships and extensive financial and strategic management experience, we are trading and investing in products in the global market.

From our head offices in Oslo and on the west coast of Norway, the company has placed itself as a visionary in the trading market.  Norfjord Trading AS was established from a demand for quality in products and service.  

We have hand picked our partners, and we are proud to walk alongside with some of the most competent companies this country has to offer. With their wide range of expertise, commitment for what they do, and not at least the effort they put in when they have to “go the extra mile” to get the job done. 

With all this in mind, you can be sure that we will bring to the table quality in every  value chain.

Investment trends in the global market

Our investments are based on our vision for the global market for the next decade. Our country is small, but history shows that if you aim high enough the results of the efforts will be game changing. The international market will for many years to come rely on the products our country exports.  This means that Norfjord Trading AS  will be able to offer products and services on demand in many sectors. 

What we bring to the table

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